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Discover the Ultimate Anti-Bullying School Assembly: Electrifying BMX Performances Combined with Meaningful Educational Experiences

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Empowering Students through an Anti-Bullying School Assembly: Inspiring BMX Demonstrations and Transformative Educational Insights

"Rev up your school's Anti-Bullying initiative with BMX Freestyle stunt riders"

Elevate your school's Anti-Bullying initiative with our exhilarating BMX Freestyle stunt riders! For over three decades, our talented BMX Freestylers have been mesmerizing students in California elementary and middle schools, leaving an indelible mark with powerful educational messages. Reward your students with an extraordinary assembly that promotes a supportive, bully-free atmosphere. Our expert riders deliver astonishing stunts on X Games-inspired ramps, captivating your students and heightening their receptiveness to critical messages. Our assemblies are not only informative but also grant-compatible, making them a premier choice for PTAs and PTOs during Anti-Bullying programs.

Reserving your Anti-Bullying School Assembly is a breeze! Select from our adaptable options to suit your school's requirements and budget.

Anti-Bullying Assembly Highlights:

  • 2 professional BMX Freestylers perform
  • Space required: 40x60 ft (comparable to a basketball court)
  • Accepts purchase orders
  • Customizable anti bullying educational message
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Accommodates up to 700 students per assembly
  • Includes professional PA sound system

School Assembly Pricing:

 Anti-Bullying School Assembly

Leveraging Celebrity Influence

At BMX Freestylers, we believe that leveraging celebrity influence is the key to delivering a powerful message. By utilizing professional BMX freestyle stunt riders, we captivate young audiences and convey our message about the dangers of drug use in a thrilling, engaging, and unforgettable way. Our program caters to schools of all types, including academies, Catholic schools, charter schools, elementary schools, junior high schools, and middle schools. We are dedicated to helping

"Revolutionize your school's anti-bullying approach with BMX Freestyle stunt riders!"

Looking for an exciting way to promote a healthy, bullying-free environment at your school? Our high-energy BMX Freestyle stunt riders are here to help! Since 1991, our experts have been entertaining and inspiring elementary and middle school students with their thrilling stunts and powerful anti-bullying messages. Treat your students to an assembly they won't forget, as our professional riders perform jaw-dropping tricks on X Games-caliber ramps while delivering a critical message about the harmful effects of bullying. Our assemblies not only educate but also empower students to stand up against bullying and create a kinder, more inclusive school community. And the best part? Our anti-bullying assemblies are cost-effective, making them an ideal choice for schools looking to enhance their bullying prevention programs without breaking the bank. Book us for your next Anti-Bullying event and let us help you make a difference!

BMX Freestylers Combine Thrilling Stunts with Vital Prevention Messages

 Anti-Bullying School Assembly

Revolutionizing Vaping Prevention: BMX Freestylers Unite Thrilling Performances and Vital Education for Lasting Impact on Youth

Introducing the most engaging and impactful Vaping Prevention Education BMX School Assembly program available! Our unique approach combines high-energy, action-packed performances with essential facts on the dangers of vaping to promote healthy decision-making and reduce youth vaping in schools. At BMX Freestylers, we leverage the power of celebrity to captivate young audiences. Our professional BMX freestyle stunt riders command attention, allowing us to deliver crucial messages about the risks of vaping in a fun, exciting, and unforgettable manner. Empowering Students Across All School Types: BMX Freestylers Foster Personal Growth and Excellence with Unforgettable Assemblies

Key facts about our school assemblies:

  • Featuring two professional BMX freestylers
  • Requires an area similar to a basketball court (40 by 60 feet)
  • Accepts Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Customizable educational message
  • 40-minute duration
  • Accommodates up to 600 students per assembly
  • Includes a professional PA sound system

  • BMX School Assemblies
  • Fun Assemblies
  • Red Ribbon Week Asemblies
  • Schools Assembly Programs
  • Bullying School Assemblies
  • Vaping Prevention Programs
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  • After School Programs
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  • Character Education Assembly

BMX Freestylers is dedicated to creating vape-free schools and equipping students with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Our Vaping Prevention Programs offer an engaging and memorable approach to educate students about the dangers of vaping.

Empowering All Schools: BMX Freestylers' Proven Vaping Prevention Program Guarantees Impactful Education and Lasting Change

Our program is perfect for various school types, including academies, Catholic schools, charter schools, elementary schools, junior high schools, and middle schools. We focus on helping students develop by teaching authenticity, stressing the importance of education and decision-making, and encouraging constant improvement. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee a memorable Vaping Prevention Program that your students will remember for years to come, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

 Anti-Bullying School Assembly

Electrifying Performances and Lasting Impact: BMX Freestylers Combine Thrilling Stunts with Positive Prevention Messages

Our assemblies showcase professional BMX freestyle stunt riders performing breathtaking stunts, such as 360 spins, backflips, and tail whips. Alongside these stunts, our team delivers a compelling speeches on a variety of Prevention Programs that will leave a lasting impression on students. Since 1991, we've offered this program to schools, with evidence showing that students retain our educational messages. Featuring X Games-style ramps, responsible team riders, and a professional PA sound system, your school is guaranteed an unforgettable assembly.

Affordable and Engaging

BMX Freestylers Provide a Cost-Effective Approach to Promoting Healthy Lifestyles When it comes to Prevention Messages For School Programs.


Our exhilarating yet cost-effective assemblies may qualify for various grants, making them the perfect choice for schools seeking to promote a vape-free and healthy lifestyle.

Fast Booking

BMX Freestylers' has invested vastly in creating a simple Booking system that incorporates all policies and insurance requirements your state will require.

30 years of experience

With over 30 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to provide your school with an extraordinary Red Ribbon Week School Assembly that will remain etched in your students' memories for years to come.

Book your Vaping Prevention Programs today and empower your students with the knowledge they need to make healthier choices!

Don't delay Book Today :)

 Anti-Bullying School Assembly
 Anti-Bullying School Assembly

Other Great Things About Our School Programs For Schools

Don't hesitate! Book your Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies today and join the thousands of schools that have benefited from our exhilarating and transformative program. Reserving your School Assembly is simple! Choose from our flexible options to accommodate your school's unique needs and budget.

Don't let drug use jeopardize your students' health and future

Act now and secure your Red Ribbon Week School Assembly with BMX Freestylers to guide your students towards a brighter and healthier tomorrow!

 Anti-Bullying School Assembly

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